Trout Studios: The Start of Many Beginnings

Our New Release Surface of Last Scattering - Christmas 2012


Who Is Trout Studios?

Trout Studios began, like many things as an after thought to what was going on at the time. Cue Mr. Peabody's way-back-machine and set the dial to 1994. A group of singer songwriters got together and complained about the high price of recording studios. It was decided to bring all our equipment to one location and try recording ourselves. This was easier said than done. Mitch Rall, John Armes,  Greg Smith and Chris Flynn began Trout Studios.  This incarnation yielded the first and only John Armes project. We determined that Trout would be a place where beginners yearning to take their first steps into recording could come. In the early days the fee for recording was bring your own tape and a pizza.

Why Trout?

Trout, rather, TROUT is an acronym. Simply put it stand for: Trusting Renegades Outside Unsanctified Theocracy.  You would be correct in assuming that we are a Christian studio.  We are believers from a variety of backgrounds, but hold to the historic foundation of Christianity. You can see that in the Statement of Faith section. Why faith?  Because faith plays a vital role in the process of creation. There is a huge leap of faith just moving from words to music to tape to CD. Just believing that someone else would like your musical creation requires faith.


Unlike professional studios, we decided that giving away studio time would be the best use of our resources. Why? Because to those who have been given alot, there is much expected. Or put another way, Trout Studios is a ministry for those Christian singer songwriters who want to take the first step into creation. Some have gone on to be picked up by regional distributors, others have a family keepsake.  

One individual, Arix Zalace, is in the process of selling his art work and music so that South American Indians can buy back their native lands. His art and music can be purchased from his web site. (See Links section).

Adopt, Adapt, and Improve

In the beginning we were a four-track cassette tape based organization. Almost comically we  started with a couple of Sure Mikes and some duct tape. The very fact that we had no idea of what we were doing didn't stop us, it just meant we were crazy enough not to realize the task in front of us. Donations of cash came (rather than pizza) and we were able to buy more equipment. Finally, 10 years  
TASCAM 234. Still Works Too!
Our First Deck
later, we're recording on the computer. This doesn't mean it came easy, no, it was quite an adventure adopting new technologies, adapting recording techniques and improving the whole studio several times a year.

The key, through it all, is that it has been fun!