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Ad Astra - Surface of Last Scattering - Christmas 2012

Ad Astra - Surface of Last Scattering

Ad Astra's new release is 'Surface of Last Scattering'. The new release is targeted for Christmas 2012. Continues the tradition of Mellotrons, 12 string guitars and rich harmonies.


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Autobiograph cover.jpg

The personal testimony of Doug Bowers, Autobiograph, takes the listener on a life-journey fusing a variety of musical styles. Answered prayer lead to an outpouring of songs during the early 1990s. Some related to experiences that had occurred during Doug's life while others seemed to express "where his head was at" during particular periods. When Doug decided to put together an album, he found that these songs came together (quite by accident ?) to form an autobiographical testimony.


Julie Frances - Castilian Roses


Julie's first CD was wonderful to make. The album is full of Julie's voice and her piano playing. Her original songs testify to a life devoted to God, her husband and their children.


Brian Quick, Mitch Rall, Chris Flynn -

All God Does


Brian's second release from Trout Studios was graced by an original piece of art work created especially for the CD by Pam Redick.

Brian Quick's Single: Little Child, plus the video!


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Ad Astra is comprised of Doug Bowers  and Chris Flynn. Together, with friends, they have created a Christian Progressive Rock album with that "Retro" feel of the original era.



Brian Quick - Sweet Absolution

Brian Quick came to the studio via a friendship that Mitch had developed. "Sweet Absolution" was the first CD that was released from Trout Studios.


Heads of Stone, Hearts of Fire


"Heads of Stone, Hearts of Fire" is more a demo project assemble over many years. The technology changes are clearly audible between songs.


John Armes


"Farewell to Armes" was Trout Studios first project. John Armes recorded this six song, jazz influenced,  CD just before the USAF transferred him to Japan. This title is currently out of print.