Trout Studios: A Beginning of Many Starts

Because Not Everyone Can Go To Nashville

What can we do for you?

Trout Studios started simply and it's a tradition we have kept. Our studio is primarily aimed toward Christian singer songwriters who don't have the capital to go to Nashville or Los Angeles or New York or... you get the idea. We work with you on what you hear in your song. You'll get our opinions and ideas on how to make your song really shine. But the thing we never forget is that it's not our song but yours. Before we even start recording, we'll talk about your vision for the music.  You may find that we're not the place for you, but be assured you'll  be encouraged and have better idea of how to develop your music.


The Standard "What's Inside"

Trout Studios is really two studios in one box. Three In One Studio is headed by Doug Bowers. That's his link over there. Trout Studios is designed to get the recording started. Anyone from individuals to bands can record at Trout. Three-In-One is where the main mixes occur. Start at Trout finish at Three In One. Both Trout & Three In One use Pro Tools to record, edit, mix  music. Trout Studios can record up to eight tracks at a time while Three-In-One records two tracks at a time. Pro Tools allows us to have 32 tracks before bounces and mix downs are required.

So really what else can you guys do?

Some of the things you can get done are:

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Art and Design
  • Song Development
  • Small production runs (less than 300)

The Question that Everyone fears...

What does it cost? We provide our services as a ministry.  

The Surface of Last Scattering. Trusting Renegades Outside Unsanctified Theocracy.
Yep, kind of scary. That doesn't mean it doesn't cost, but how do you value time, resources, creativity and enthusiasm? We trust that you already know what recording costs in dollars and commitment, so donations are accepted. Now that doesn't mean money, could be a barter system. You play a great trumpet or coronet, just so happens we need one on the next release, Faster than you can tune a 12 string, a deal is done. All that to say, there are many options.